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RM2000TŪ Dry Lubrication 

RM2000TŪ helps you save more than 50% of what you are spending on wet lubrication,

Once you start using RM2000TŪ system you will reach a smooth loss free production, RM2000TŪ provide YOU with many technical benefits:

  • Perfectly clean conveyors
  • Dry floors
  • Obstructive to bacterial growth
  • Eliminates soggy bottom
  • Reduce waste packages giving 8% saving in production
  • Food graded and will not mix with juice and milk
  • Contains PTFE to expel the spilled product from the chain
  • RM2000TŪ is recommended by TETRA PAKŪ for use on all downstream equipment and all types of conveyor chains.
  • RM2000TŪ is the only lubricant recommended and supplied by Hartness International for use on the Dynac and Helix accumulators.
  • RM2000TŪ is the only lubricant approved by Tetra RecartŪ for use on the package line.
  • RM2000TŪ has been tested and proven not to affect the package or its contents even after passing through the retort process.

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