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Fragalla Factory is using RM2000T

RM2000T is the best choice
20 April 2011 -- Almotek and Specialist Lubricants successfully installed RM2000T dry lubrication system in Faragalla Factory

"Saving us more than 80% of what we used to spend on wet lubrication" Said Eng. Hesham Abd El Azim Faragalla Factory Mnager.

Eng. Eslam Vice Factory Manager continues " it is easier now to focus on increasing production volumes without the hastle of chasing packages loss", as RM2000T reduces packages loss by 8%, Eng. Eslam continues "with no slippy floors it is efficient to look after all machines as it makes moving around easy for all machine operators"

Almotek continues to provide Fragalla with support and help, while now they have a trained staff with a good knowledge of RM2000T system

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